Our Services

Our Services:

• Prepare Balance Sheet & its final account.
• Prepare balance sheet after discussion the same with departments & authorities , and supervise its implementation.
• Review the financial documents & check the same before spending and registering the same in the registers.
• Suggest laws and resolutions of financial feature , and its regulations.
• Issue monthly salaries for all governmental workers after review & audit the same.
• Lay down the general rules in order to organize accounts and account registers in Government Departments.
• Finance developmental projects in Fujairah upon the budget plan approved by His Highness Sheikh/ Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, and supervise its implementation upon determined Time Schedule .
• Survey & register governmental assets of different departments that refer to finance department.
• Prepare monthly review balance sheet got all accounting entries related to Government followed by statements & analytical lists for all balance monies.
• Follow-up & check the flow and accounts of Government private accounts that approved by the banks.
• Follow-up contracts and agreements that executed through finance department.
• Financial review & audit all transactions related to the workers in Fujairah Government , departments and its organizations.
• Pay all invoices & outstanding monies to all customers deal with the government after review all , in accordance with its terms & approvals.
• Follow-up fuel & hydrocarbons of all cars related to government , with Emirates National Oil Company, ADNOC & EPCCO through hydrocarbons Dept. in Finance Dept.
• External audit & review all departments, establishments & organizations related to Fujairah government to achieve its revenues.
• Prepare monthly & annual accounting reports , and submit to His Highness Ruler of Fujairah.
• Train university students upon the available specializations in the Dept. throughout the year.
• Prepare sub-files to all workers in government and its Dept. , to follow-up & organize between our Dept. and Human Resources Dept. in respect with Personnel Affairs.

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