About Department of Finance, Fujairah

DOF at a glance
The Finance Department was founded in accordance with the work requirements of Government of Fujairah in the end of 1960’s aiming at taking care of all financial and economic affairs in the Emirate of Fujairah.

The Finance Department is responsible for financing all developmental projects of the government of Fujairah in accordance with the directives of H.H Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohamed Al-Sharqui, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, and follow-up of all different agreements and contracts carried out by the department in addition to supervising and controlling implementation thereof.

The Finance Department audits and approves all financial transactions of all the governmental employees, opens employment file for every employee, Issues monthly salaries after having audited and reviewed the same.

In accordance with the directives of H.H Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohamed Al-Sharqui, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Fujairah, the Finance Department is now preparing the government’s budget in the collaboration with the relevant financially affiliated departments and sections.

The Finance Department counts and registers the governmental assets of all affiliated departments and sections, runs a special system for registering governmental suppliers and opening an account for every supplier to facilitate the financial transactions with the government through its website www.ffinance.ae.

The Finance Department involves the following divisions:

First: Division of Financial Affairs, which includes the following sections
1/ Auditing Section (internal & external)
2/ Contracts Section
3/ Assets Management Section
4/ Receivables Section
5/ Payables Section
6/ Accounts Section
7/ Cash Management Section

Second: Division of Legal & Administrative Affairs, which includes the human resources, legal affairs and public relation section.

Third: Division of IT and Computer, which includes analysis and informatics development, operations, technical support and networks sections.

Fourth: Division of Services & Projects, which includes engineering workshop, Mohamadi Center, rentals, fuel and suburbs subsections.

Fifth: Division of Stores & Purchases.

For more information, please visit our website mentioned above or contact us on the Finance department’s e-mail and telephones.

E-mail: finance@ffinance.ae
Tel: 09-2222259 or 2222111, Fax: 09-2229005

Corporate Strategy
Government of Fujairah
Finance Department

Our Vision:
Department with high quality Services

Our Goal:
Excellence, Quality, Clearness, Transparency

Our Logo:
Endeavour transparency to direct the decisions

Our Services
  • Prepare Balance Sheet & its final account.
  • Prepare balance sheet after discussion the same with departments & authorities , and supervise its implementation.
  • Review the financial documents & check the same before spending and registering the same in the registers.
  • Suggest laws and resolutions of financial feature , and its regulations.
  • Issue monthly salaries for all governmental workers after review & audit the same.
  • Lay down the general rules in order to organize accounts and account registers in Government Departments.
  • Finance developmental projects in Fujairah upon the budget plan approved by His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, and supervise its implementation upon determined Time Schedule .
Organization Chart

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